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SuperF*ckers follows the the daily life of a team of teenage superheroes. It’s exactly what you’d expect - they drink, they smoke, they curse like sailors, and they all fight each other to be team leader. I said teenage superheroes - what were you expecting? There is a whole team of these wackos that you’ll meet, as well as wanna be superheroes waiting to try out, Omnizod the Lord of Dimension Zero, Grotus the… well, I’m not sure what he is, and Sh*tstorm!

Created by James Kochalka, of American Elf fame, and produced by Frederator Studios, responsible for such cartoons as Adventure Time and The Fairly OddParents you'll be able to catch this series on the youtube channel,

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SuperF*ckers is a satire of American society. Contrary to what we've all learned from
spiderman, it turns out that with great power comes no responsibility at all. Rather than
use their powers for good, the SuperF*ckers are freed to use their powers for whatever
the f*ck they want or even nothing at all. Like kids on 4chan or other message boards
they have zero accountability. Message board posters and hackers are able to express
their most crass, self-centered, destructive behavior because they are anonymous. The
SuperF*ckers can behave their worst because they are super.

It's also a satire of "reality" TV culture. Everybody wants to be on the team, they line up
outside the clubhouse hoping to be discovered (just like they do in American Idol),
hoping for a shot at joining the team. And those on the team are constantly jockeying
for position. They all want to be the fan favorite, want to be the "leader", or at least
want to manage to not to get kicked out and replaced by a newer, hungrier, brasher
young hero. Long story short, cool sh*t happens. 


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